“There are a number of companies within CITIC Limited that are unlisted and as such don’t report publicly. We have heard clear feedback from our shareholders that you wish for more information. Therefore, we’ve decided to spotlight one business each year. We begin with CITIC Dicastal, the largest automobile aluminium wheel manufacturer and exporter in the world. ”

Chang Zhenming, Chairman’s Letter to Shareholders 2015

  • Revenue

    16,198 / ↑7%

    RMB million

  • Net profit

    725 / ↑14%

    RMB million

  • Assets

    14,150 / ↑11%

    RMB million

  • Wheels (sold)

    37,540,000 / ↑9%


  • Castings (sold)

    69,000 / ↓5%


CITIC Dicastal (“Dicastal”) is the world’s largest producer and exporter of automotive aluminium wheels. The company also manufactures a full range of lightweight aluminium cast components for automotive powertrains, chassis and body systems. With engineering, research and manufacturing teams across the globe, Dicastal focuses today on accelerating the development of the lightweight components and integrated processes that will drive the future of transportation in the automotive industry — and beyond.

Dicastal has 21 manufacturing bases across China, North America and Europe, and employs more than 6,000 staff around the world. A wholly-owned subsidiary of CITIC Limited, Dicastal is headquartered in Qinhuangdao, Hebei Province in Northern China.