As a supplier of lightweight aluminium wheels and cast components, Dicastal manufactures products designed specifically for automakers’ individual models. Products are tailored to customer orders from Europe, the US, Japan, Korea and China. As a result, Dicastal today has over 1,000 product designs.

During product development, Dicastal works directly alongside automakers in the design process for new vehicles. From initial concept development all the way through to production, this process (called “synchronous design”) allows automakers’ wheels and other components to become optimally integrated into the overall design of new cars. Dicastal is among only a small number of suppliers certified by automakers to deliver this service in China.

Because most Dicastal products are manufactured through synchronous design orders, the company is able to begin product development three to five years ahead of production, allowing it to optimise its production planning and margins with sales orders locked in well before launching in the market.

In the final step of quality testing, Dicastal’s large range of products has also equipped it to evaluate parts for all major automakers. The company has even introduced a range of new tests in the China market. Dicastal is in fact the only supplier in China authorised to certify wheel quality for GM, Ford, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Volkswagen, Toyota, Nissan and Mazda.

After years of designing in sync with its customers, Dicastal has built a distinct competitive advantage over its peers. Today, it enjoys long-term strategic relationships with leading automakers in China, across Asia and around the world.

Synchronous design certification: General standards

  • Meet automaker-specific standards for manufacturing process, quality and scale. Each automaker individually certifies suppliers according to its own standards and works alongside Dicastal in synchronous design
  • Maintain advanced research and design capabilities
  • Global capacity for mass production
  • Efficient platform for global distribution and after sales support

Product development