Dicastal maintains a comprehensive database that not only includes specifications for a range of automakers but also modifications for all major automotive markets. This unique pool of knowledge means that Dicastal’s engineers can efficiently customise new designs for its customers anywhere.

Customer service, as well as all operations, sales, and logistics are managed at a 24/7 control centre at Dicastal’s headquarters. The Company’s global distribution network also fulfils orders from manufacturing sites around the world and the JIT needs of customers by keeping warehouses near their own sites of assembly. After-sales service also includes local on-site technical support and coverage for spare parts for customers.

Sales revenue of 2015

Dicastal’s major customers for aluminium wheels include the 12 leading global automakers, as well as 6 Chinese automakers. Dicastal is also a global strategic partner of General Motors and Ford.

Major customers for lightweight cast components include Daimler, Volkswagen and parts manufacturers such as TRW, ZF and Bosch.

Major customers for aluminium wheels