As a responsible corporate citizen, CITIC Limited understands that community involvement is essential for harmonious relations. We encourage our employees to serve and give back to the community through participation in various community activities. We also contribute to a number of community projects by leveraging our advantages as a conglomerate as well as through the active participation of our employees.

Community Donations

In 2015, CITIC Limited and its subsidiaries raised funds for community welfare causes, such as natural disaster relief, education, caring for the underprivileged, and cultural and sporting events. These activities contributed to the development of local communities, winning wide recognition among residents.

Co-development with the Community

In the course of our business, we assist in the economic development of the places where we operate and attach great importance to fulfilling our social responsibilities. We show respect for and actively embrace the local cultures of these communities.

Hong Kong, Macao and the Chinese Mainland

CITIC Pacific Participation in campaigns organised by The Community Chest

A total of 241 staff members of the headquarters of CITIC Pacific participated in Skip Lunch Day, Dress Casual Day and Love Teeth Day organised by The Community Chest, raising HK$24,651 in donations.

To support Oxfam Hong Kong for its community services for the left-behind children and poverty in Chinese Mainland, CITIC Pacific donated HK$40,000 to sponsor the “Oxfam Rice Sale” organized by the Oxfam Hong Kong. CITIC Pacific employees and dependants of our “Caring People Team”, the volunteer team of CITIC Pacific participated in the Oxfam Rice Sale for fund raising.

Participation in the Coastal Cleanup Campaign of the Green Council

A team of 26 volunteers from CITIC Pacific participated in the coastal clean-up at Sandy Bay, Hong Kong Island, on 10 October to raise funds for environmental education in Hong Kong, collecting 53.3 kg of garbage in the 2-hour programme.

CTM Teenage Growth Programme 2015

The Teenage Growth Programme 2015, jointly organised by CTM (a subsidiary of CITIC Telecom International) and Bosco Youth Service Network for a second year, enjoyed strong support from the Macanese community. The programme encourages teenagers to upgrade themselves during the summer holidays and helps them identify their potential and develop a positive outlook.

CITIC Heavy Industries Care for Resident Children in Mountain Areas

Launched in 2013, the volunteer work initiative raises funds to build dormitories, libraries and e-classrooms for resident children in mountain areas. A Warm Learning Schooling Aid Programme providing assistance to underprivileged students has also been developed. In March 2015, the construction of the e-classroom for Ruyang County Wangpingxiang Centre Primary School was completed. Three facilities were built at the school using donations by the CITIC Heavy Industries Volunteers’ Association. The Association also plans to do the same for Ruyang County Liushucun Primary School.

CITIC Dicastal Charity foundation

Following the establishment of the Charity Foundation by the No. 2 Aluminium Wheel Production Line in 2014, the No. 1 Aluminium Wheel Production Line established the Charitable Dream Fulfilment Schooling Aid Foundation in March 2015. By the end of November, a total of 256 persons had participated in the project and raised RMB18,908.

CITIC Publishing and 2015 Reading Year: Nurturing Interest in Reading

To mark the 20th World Reading Day, CITIC Publishing organised activities at Parkview Green in Beijing under the theme 2015 Reading Year: Nurturing Interest in Reading, during which the company donated 65,000 books. Guests, famous book critics and avid readers attended an event promoting reading across all walks of life.


Australia: CITIC Mining International Fundraising for beyondblue, a community psychological health group

The company raised over AUD110,000 for beyondblue by purchasing customised personal protective equipment (PPE) and polo shirts for employees and organising lottery draws and silent auctions.

Indonesia: CITIC Resources supports Seram Block Wayhul Clinic

The Seram Block continued to operate the 24/7 Wayhul Clinic to provide reliable medical treatment and services as well as comprehensive health support to the workers of the Oilfield and other members of the local community. More than 800 cases were treated by the Seram Block medical team in 2015.

Community Welfare Soccer Games

In 2015, the Seram Block sponsored two U15 soccer teams set up by the Bula Chapter (East Seram Regency) of the Indonesian Football Association. The squads were formed by 36 primary and junior high school students, aged 12 to 15.

The AQUADNC Cup Soccer Tournament organised by the Seram Block in February was enthusiastically followed by local residents and helped to develop closer ties between the block and the local community.

Singapore: CITIC Envirotech participates in the Lien Aid Safe Water Project for Impoverished Villages

Lien Aid is a branch organisation of the Environmental Business Project jointly founded by Lien Foundation and Nanyang Technological University of Singapore dedicated to the provision of affordable and safe drinking water and hygiene facilities to underprivileged communities in Asia. CITIC Envirotech has participated in Lien Aid Projects for many consecutive years. In 2015, CITIC Envirotech participated in 5 of the water supply projects conducted by Lien Aid in 60 impoverished villages in China.

Angola: CITIC Construction CITIC (Angola) BN Vocational School

In early 2015, all students in the first graduation class of the BN Vocation School passed relevant examinations and secured employment. Another 67 students were enrolled in the second class, including girls from impoverished families who took part in hotel services training. As of September 2015, graduates of the school reported 100% employment, with more than 100 graduates securing jobs in mechanical operation, engineering construction and administration.

The Confucius Institute, The Agostinho Neto University

In February 2015, the foundationlaying and unveiling ceremony for The Confucius Institute of The Agostinho Neto University, the first Confucian academy in the world built under the sponsorship of a Chinese enterprise, was held in Luanda, the capital of Angola. The Academy will serve as a platform for Chinese language and cultural exchange for the faculty and students of The Agostinho Neto University.