At CITIC Limited, we have incorporated the idea of sustainability into our corporate development strategies and day-to-day management and strive to honor our corporate citizenship by

  • following green development initiatives to seek new growth points in energy-saving and environmental industries;

    CITIC Environment has carried out several key projects and has fostered three major strategic business segments: water treatment, solid waste disposal and energy conservation services. The company creates values for shareholders while stays committed to environment protection. In April, 2015, it acquired Singapore-listed United Envirotech Ltd., a global leader in water treatment, making CITIC Environment flagship for CITIC Limited in water supply and water treatment.

  • offering employment for local communities, totaling 133,526, up by 8,253 from 2014, among which women staff have increased by 4,647; improving human-resource management mechanism to enhance the sense of belonging and cohesion among our employees;

    CITIC Heavy Industries Links remuneration with employees’ skills to galvanise front-line staff to learn and improve their skills and to innovate through implementing initiatives, including “Master Craftsmanship”, workshop and makers group.

    CITIC Construction, CITIC Mining International and other subsidiaries with overseas projects attended to their employees’ psychological well-being and conducted psychological counseling and survey programmes, including Sunshine Campaign Training Camps and Glamorous November campaign.

  • adhering consistently to the CITIC ethos of conducting ourselves in compliance with laws, rules and regulations and fostering a sound and corruption-free business environment in strict accordance with proper business ethics and our code of conduct and publishing CITIC Limited Measures for Dealing with Whistleblowing and the CITIC Limited Staff Code of Conduct;

  • caring for the well-being of the communities in which we operate, donating approximately RMB75 million and HK$6 million for disaster-relief, education, the underprivileged, public health and cultural and sports activities.