As an international business conglomerate, CITIC Limited operates in a wide range of business sectors. Over the years, we have provided innovative products and services to fulfil our customers’ needs as part of our customer-oriented principle. During this period, we also enhanced our cooperation with outstanding suppliers and made continuous improvements in our supply-chain management. We firmly oppose any acts of corruption or bribery and make every effort to promote co-development among communities, enterprises and customers.

Building a Regional Platform for Cooperation

In 2015, CITIC Limited further extended its cooperation with third parties by building a regional cooperation platform led by CITIC Bank in 36 regions of China. We also encouraged our subsidiaries to strengthen their ties with local governments and industry leaders through reciprocal visits at senior levels and to match areas for cooperation for the mutual benefit of all parties.

Cooperation with governments

CITIC Bank, CITIC Trust, CITIC Securities, CITIC Heavy Industries, CITIC Dicastal and CITIC Environment engaged in multi-level and multi-sector cooperation with local governments. These included the provincial governments of Hebei, Guangdong and Hubei as well as the municipal governments of Shenzhen, Zhuhai, Chengdu and Suzhou. Areas for cooperation covered integrated financial services, city operations, infrastructure, high-end equipment manufacturing, energy conservation and environmental protection, medical care and culture and tourism.

Cooperation with other enterprises

CITIC Bank, CITIC Securities, CITIC Construction, CITIC Heavy Industries, CITIC Dicastal, CITIC Press, CITIC Pacific Special Steel and CITIC Agriculture Investment discussed cooperation in financial services with leading enterprises, such as CRRC, CIMC and Youngor, and strategic investors including Chia Tai Group and Itochu Group. Topics covered included joint venture opportunities in China and elsewhere, in areas such as agriculture, energy conservation and environmental protection, medical care and elderly care.

Innovation in Products and Services

To fulfil customers’ needs, we deliver quality products and services through our subsidiaries engaged in the financial, energy and resources, manufacturing, engineering contracting, real estate as well as many other service sectors. These subsidiaries also offer value-added services under the CITIC brand to customers in an ongoing bid to increase customer satisfaction.


CITIC Trust: Innovative Trust Products

CITIC Trust serves the real economy by integrating three major market resources, namely, currency, capital and industries. The company has also participated in the reform of State-owned enterprises with a special focus on agriculture, infrastructure construction, environmental protection, energy conservation, and medical care and pensions. In 2015, the company launched China’s first PPP trust product, first SPV asset securitisation product, first Internet cinema crowdfunding trust and first insurance premium life trust. Family trust services such as family offices were another ongoing focus of the company. In 2015, CITIC Trust won the Most Innovative Trust Company Award presented by Securities Times and was named The Most Influential Trust Company of the Year by the Financial Times.

Engineering contracts

CITIC Construction Signature Projects

In recent years, CITIC Construction has successfully delivered a series of major projects, such as the KK Project in Angola, Venezuela social housing project and cement plant in Belarus. These have become signature projects of the respective countries where they are located and have helped to enhance the CITIC brand. In 2015, CITIC Construction obtained special grade qualifications for general contractors of housing construction in China and Grade A qualifications for architectural design, putting it among the first-tier enterprises in China’s civil engineering sector with EPC qualifications and full licenses. Internationally, it became the first Chinese enterprise to obtain Class One qualifications in Kazakhstan for construction and installation – the highest qualification for the construction sector in Kazakhstan.


CITIC Heavy Industries’ Comprehensive Customer Service Platform

In 2015, CITIC Heavy Industries completed its comprehensive customer service platform, which makes use of the Internet and multi-media. The platform showcases the services of CITIC Heavy Industries before, during and after sales in three categories: digital heavy industry, smart production and information services.

To fulfil the national strategies of Quality Development Outline (2011–2020) and Made in China 2025, as well as customer requirements, the company sent a number of quality promotion teams on customer site visits. The purpose of the visits was to promote the company’s products and services, upgrade the quality of its engineering work and promote the company’s brand. These initiatives have enabled the company to gain a better understanding of customers’ requirements and technological innovations.


CITIC Press launches Library On Cloud

The Library On Cloud is a free book lending service provided by CITIC Press and CITIC Bank through the airport bookstore chain of CITIC Press and the branch outlets of CITIC Bank, and supported by CITIC Bank credit card. In 2015, CITIC Press continued to deepen its close cooperation with the CITIC Bank Credit Card Centre and signed cooperation agreement with CITIC Bank. Over 300 network outlets have been established in more than 20 cities in China, serving hundreds of thousands of customers.


To ensure integrity and fair competition in our operations, we published CITIC Limited Measures for Dealing with Whistleblowing and the CITIC Limited Staff Code of Conduct in August 2015. CITIC Limited Measures for Dealing with Whistleblowing outlines procedures for handling and investigating whistleblowing reports. Channels for whistleblowing have been set up in Hong Kong and the Mainland to encourage employees to contribute to the Company’s internal control management by reporting potential fraud and other ethical issues. The CITIC Limited Staff Code of Conduct is a mandatory guide of behaviour for all employees, with specific punishments for violations. We conduct semi-annual reviews of staff compliance with the Code. Violations at all levels, including suppliers of outsourced services and partners, will be investigated, reported and corrected in order to prevent unethical acts that could affect the reputation of the Company.