As a global conglomerate, CITIC Limited regards the building of a platform for employees to showcase their capabilities as its mission. We do not just emphasise what employees can do for us, we are concerned with what can be done for employees.

We ensure our labour contracts are in strict compliance with the laws and regulations of the jurisdictions in which we operate and protect the rights of all employees, with a special emphasis on women. We also offer opportunities for career advancement and career planning, while making continuous improvements to our staff remuneration and benefits scheme. In addition, we provide a market-based incentive and appraisal system that links staff remuneration with their performance and continuously optimise our performance appraisal system so that employees can share in the rewards of the Company’s business achievements.

Staff Overview

At the end of 2015, CITIC Limited had a total of 133,526 employees, up 8,253 from 2014, among which, women employees increased by 4,647.

Equality – the foundation of growth

As part of our people-oriented principles, we offer equal opportunities in employment, career advancement, remuneration and benefits, as well as training and development, regardless of ethnicity, nationality, religion, physical disability or gender, and are committed to the prevention of child or forced labour.

Incentives to consolidate growth

Our remuneration policy places equal emphasis on the market-competitiveness of our remuneration and fairness among employees. In 2015, we improved the performance appraisal system of our subsidiaries and our remuneration mechanism as measured against market benchmarks. Meanwhile, the proportion of deferred performance-lined remuneration was increased for the senior management of subsidiaries with higher risk profiles.

We are in compliance with the requirements of local governments in relation to staff insurance, benefit plans, work hours and annual leave provisions, and provide social insurance with full-coverage. Most subsidiaries also offer additional benefits and insurance coverage for staff, such as corporate annuities (supplementary pension insurance) and supplementary medical insurance. To build core competitiveness and motivate staff, our subsidiaries have launched a variety of recognition programmes. CITIC Heavy Industries links remuneration with employees’ skills to galvanise front-line staff to learn and improve their skills and to innovate by implementing initiatives, including “Master Craftsmanship”, workshop and by setting up workers makers group, global makers group and freelancing makers group. CITIC Securities set up Innovative Award, Teamwork Award and Loyalty Award to maintain the stability of their talent pool.

Training for future growth

Staff training is a top priority for CITIC. All business segments and subsidiaries provide training so that employees can develop their professional capabilities. Through our annual education and training plan, we organise training programmes for intermediary and senior management personnel as well as professional technical personnel, with a special focus on operational and management staff. We also encourage subsidiaries to share training resources and to conduct education and training programmes of their own.

In addition to regular training programmes, CITIC Construction conducts overseas personal safety protection training. When CITIC Dicastal began organising staff training for the US employees, it became the first Chinese manufacturing enterprise to conduct large-scale training of foreign employees.

Training Programmes in 2015

Photo 1: Live lecture in the training session for Young Leadership Programme of CITIC Limited.
Photo 2: Personal development training in the Group’s induction programme for new employees.
Photo 3: Personal development programme for old and new employees at CITIC Construction.
Photo 4: CITIC Bank hosts the first International Talent Training Programme in association with the University of International Business and Economics and signs a strategic cooperation agreement.
Photo 5: High-frequency trading and risk management training at CITIC Securities.

Safeguarding our employees

As part of our commitment to providing a safe and healthy work environment, we are constantly improving our two tier safety management regime and ensuring that our employees receive the care they require for physical health and psychological well-being. In 2015, our headquarters and financial services subsidiaries organised a Healthy Walk and health lectures to help employees cope with work pressures. Subsidiaries engaged in industrial manufacturing and investment made ongoing improvements to relevant systems and regimes, carried out production safety inspections and organised safety training. For employees working overseas, we held programmes that attend to their psychological well-being. For example, CITIC Construction has organised Sunshine Campaign Training Camps at its project sites in Angola and Venezuela for the past two years, while CITIC Mining International engaged beyondblue, a psychological health specialist, to assist foreign-based employees in dealing with psychological issues in work and life.